Japanese label High Fader has put out a compilation of some of the country’s biggest indie bands paying tribute to MBV’s Loveless, Yellow Loveless. Definitely check it out.

01. Tokyo Shoegazer—“Only Shallow”
02. GOATBED—“Loomer”
03. The Sodom Project—“Touched”
04. Lemon’s Chair—“To Here Knows When”
05. Shonen Knife—“When You Sleep”
06. Tokyo Shoegazer—“I Only Said”
07. Age of Punk—“Come in Alone”
08. Boris—“Sometimes”
09. Shinobu Narita (4-D Mode1)—“Blown a Wish”
10. Lemon’s Chair—“What You Want”
11. Sadesper Record—“Soon”